Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Tuesday Review: "Savvy" by Ingrid Law, a must-read newbery honor book

Savy by:Ingrid Law
2009 Newbery Honor book

If you are in the Beaumont family you know that on your thirteenth birthday everything in your life will change. If you are a Beaumont you are given a rare power that just "happens" the day you turn thirteen. This rare power is lovingly referred to as your "savvy". Some of the family's "savvies" are creating earthquakes, windstorms, and the power to pluck radio waves right out of the sky and stash them in a jar. Mibs, the soon-to-be thirteen year old Beaumont is very aware of all this change. She is ready to be granted her power and begin homeschooling (real school is much too dangerous with such power) and the task of controlling her savvy. So, what marvelous gift is she given? I'm not telling. But, I will say that Mibs finds it very surprising, and at first, very disappointing. However, when her father is in a bad car accident her savvy may be the cure.

This is an excellent book that combines complete make believe with very real family bonds and friendships. Come check out this great book at the library today!

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