Sunday, June 26, 2011

Adios Peru, Hola Mexico!

We're off to another country and another wonder of the world this week! Chichen Itza, in Ancient Mexico! We are having a great time with this year's summer reading program. If you're wondering what the program is all about, click here for all the details. And, there is PLENTY of time to still sign up for the program which you can do by clicking here. Then, come in to the library to pick up your official "Time Travel Log" to record your hours read.

Did you travel with us last week?
We are thrilled to announce our volunteers of the week:
Julia Ferrero, Julia Murray, Jessica Buell, and David MacArthur. These terrific junior volunteers went above and beyond on a very crazy week of first sign ups! We couldn't have done it with out them!

Also, here are our winners from last week's games:
The online reviewer of the week is: Natalie Rathbun!
The "What in the World Food" winner is: Brianne Tsang for guessing...POTATO! Congrats!!

Check out this slideshow full of our trip highlights!

Now, off to Ancient Mexico for a week full of adventure! Here's the itinerary:

Wed. 6/29 @ 10:30, all ages: Mini Raffle! All who are present will be entered in a raffle for a small prize! No registration is required
Wed. 6/29 @ 11am, all ages: The Dakin Project! Come and meet animals from the Dakin Animal Shelter and learn how we here at the library are helping our furry friends in need! No registration is required.
Wed. 6/29 @ 4pm, 3rd-6th grade: Chess Club! Drop in for a game or, two! No registration is required.
Thu. 6/30 @ 11am, 3-12yrs: Cooking Around the World (This Program is Full)
and you can...
Tour Ancient Mexico
(at the library during "Time Travel Agency" hours: Mon-Wed. 10am-7:30pm, Thu.-Fri. 10-4:30)
Craft Kiosk: Stop by our art area where you can create your own Mayan Kukulkan snake to decorate our window panels (also, receive 2 tickets for your hard work!)
Construct Chichen Itza: Find the pieces of this ancient wonder, put them together, and carefully show a time travel agent to receive 1 raffle ticket!
G.P.S.(global project starter): Pick up your project starter to learn of a project to create at home, then bring your completed project back to the library for display and to win 10 raffle tickets!! We've already had a few AMAZING project come in which you can see in our slideshow!
Write a Review! Here at the library or at home you can write an online review for a book you've read. Every review enters you to win 10 raffle tickets!! (And, there is no limit on how many reviews you write! WOW!)
Play! Eat! Wear!: Create pictographs on our own Mayan walls, wear a traditional Mayan outfit, and take guesses at our guessing jar and the Mexican food featured. (Correct guesses are entered to win 10 raffle tickets!)

For a sneak peek of next week's activities click here. Remember, you can sign up for activities no sooner than one week ahead of time.

Woo-hoo! Now time to travel back to 600 C.E.!

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