Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Six weeks and one day...

....until the start of this year's summer reading club: "One World Many Stories!" The summer reading club is an exciting program filled with raffle tickets, performances, reading, and FUN! (more info coming soon!!) And, since we are just so excited about the beginning of summer we thought we'd start a little countdown here on the blog. So, every Tuesday we will share a "Great Summer Read Countdown" which will feature a book recommendation from one of our very own "On the Same Page" book club members, which is a group of 3rd-5th graders who get together monthly to discuss books.

This week's reviewer is Maria Dimitroglou

"If you like books with mystery and extremely unfortunate children, than you'd like....
A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket

Make sure to read all 13 books!


If you like funny books with lots of action...and Endangered Albino Alligators, than you'd like....
Leaving the Bellweathers by Kristin Clark Venuti

Happy Reading!, Maria

Thanks, Maria for your recommendations!! Check back next Tuesday to read about other great books to check out! And, remember only 6 weeks and 1 day to the beginning of summer reading!!

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