Monday, June 21, 2010

GO GREEN this week!

We already have over 500 readers signed up for the summer reading program!! Can you believe that? If you haven't signed up yet, you can do it right now online. Then, come into the library to receive your log and information. That's a lot of reading going on! In celebration of all the kids getting out of school, this week is the start to all the fabulous in-house library activities! Here's what's happening this week:

- TODAY, Monday 6/21 at 2pm Mini Raffle!Come into the library at 2pm and all present will be entered into a mini raffle for fabulous secret smaller prizes. No registration is required

- Wednesday, 6/23 at 11am Kick off Party! Come on in for a special Tae Kwon Do Demonstration and PIZZA!! No registration is required

-Thursday, 6/24 at 10:30am Music Together. Please note this program is FULL

Also this week stop by to:

The Seed to Crop game (get two raffle tickets right away!)
Little Seedling Game (enter to win 10 raffle tickets!)

Take a guess at the guessing jar (enter to win 10 raffle tickets and a DIY reusable bag!)
Can you figure out what the produce of the week is? (enter to win 10 raffle tickets!)
Write a fact about RECYCLING and place it on the Conservation Tree. (enter to win 10 raffle tickets!)
Review a book online! (enter to win 10 raffle tickets!)

Make a carrot for our crop fields! (get two raffle tickets right away!)
Visit the "Watering Can" to pick up your Green Thumb Challenge. An activity to do at home. (When project is done return to the library for 10 raffle tickets!)

The NEW market play space!!!
The shadow box of shells
The Graziano Green Gardens (we're growing pizza, salsa, and salad!)

Now, that's a busy fun week!!

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