Thursday, July 2, 2009

Looking Forward to Another Great Week....

Wow! What a week! Check out the slide show of week two to see all the fun we had! Also, take a look at the Alien creations from the "Take Home Mission"!

So are you ready for next week?

Step One: Make sure you are signed up for the great programs listed on the side bar. (Note: you can only sign up for a program one week ahead of time- and you have to be signed up for "Starship Adventure")

Step Two: Come into the library to see what is new this week! We have a new Guessing jar, new Planet of the Week (Mars!!), Puzzle table, new Spaci-i-gami craft, and a new "Take Home Challenge" (create your own space story!).

Step Three: Read, Read, Read!!

And, remember it's not too late to sign up for "Starship Adventure" and join the fun! (all hours read from June 22nd on count!)

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