Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Tuesday Review: "Campfire Mallory", a must-read chapter book by Laurie Friedman

Have you ever been so nervous about something that you don't feel like eating?
That's how Mallory McDonald feels about going to a sleep-away camp called Camp Blue Lake. Even though her best friend, Mary Ann, and her brother, Max, are also going, she thinks she would really rather just stay home. Then when Mallory gets to camp, she is assigned to a different bunk than Mary Ann, and her bunk mate keeps absent-mindedly doing things that get them into trouble. Just wait until you read what happens at Camp Blue Lake's Color War!

Does Mallory end up having fun at her summer camp? Read this book to find out! Campfire Mallory is just one in a series of books about the adventures of Mallory McDonald written by Laurie Friedman. Lots of fun!

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