Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Tuesday Review: "Knights of the Lunch Table" by Frank Cammuso, a must-read graphic novel

Knights of the Lunch Table; The Dodgeball Chronicles by: Frank Cammuso

Arthur King is new to Camelot Middle School. He is assigned to a locker that can only be opened by one "brave and true", his teacher is Merlin, the principal Dagger, and the villainous bullies to be defeated are the "Horde". A trip to the sewers, Arcadia (the local arcade) and a chance meeting with tarantula will aid brave Arthur and his quest of dodgeball! This witty take on a medieval knight's story is a must read for all graphic novel enthusiasts- or those that are new to the comic-book-like stories.

Will Artie defeat the Horde? Will Mr. Merlin have to leave the school and let the evil Ms. Dagger rule? Does Camelot Middle School have a new king in Artie? Come to the library and find out! Also, be sure to check out our new section dedicated to graphic novels!

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