Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Tuesday Review: "Knitty Kitty", a wonderful bedtime story.

Knitty Kitty
by David Elliott, illustrated by Christopher Denise
Knitty Kitty is a charming short picture book ideal for preschoolers. This story might remind you of the familiar 'Three Little Kitten' tale as mama, 'Knitty Kitty', knits hat, scarf and mittens for her little kittens. However, the clothing isn't 'lost' and the kittens aren't 'scolded' when they return home without their belongings! The text is brief but enjoyable through repeated and predictable phrases. Visually, the beautiful illustrations enhance the warmth and charm of the story.

Experience the love, warmth and coziness of kittens curled together reading Knitty Kitty.

A Purrr...fect bedtime story.

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