Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Tuesday Review: "How to Steal a Dog," an unusual chapter book

How to Steal a Dog
by Barbara O'Connor

“Step 1: Find a dog.” According to Georgina Hayes, this is the first step in stealing a dog, which is her solution to help her family out of their terrible predicament. Georgina, her mother, and her younger brother have recently had to leave their home and now live in their car. Georgina becomes desperate to get out of this situation; she and her family have to scrounge for food, wash up in the bathrooms of gas stations and restaurants, and wear the same clothing day after day.

Georgina decides that if she steals a dog from wealthy family, they will assume the dog is lost and post signs that say “Reward for Lost Dog.” Then she will bring the dog back to them and collect the reward money.

Georgina’s plan does not go smoothly. Time after time, unexpected complications occur, and Georgina has to make some difficult decisions about what is right and what is wrong.

This book keeps the reader engaged and curious about what will happen to Georgina and her family. Their challenging circumstances make it best for mature children in Grades 3 through 6.

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