Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Tuesday Review: "The Runaway Dolls", a must-read chapter book

The Runaway Dolls
by: Ann M. Martin and Laura Godwin, pictures by: Brian Selznick

Imagine if dolls came to life when their owners weren't looking. This is exactly what happens in the series "The Doll People". "The Runaway Dolls" (the third in the series) is filled with excitement and adventure as Annabelle Doll (an antique porcelain doll) and her best friend Tiffany Funcraft (a new plastic doll) find an unexpected visitor. This mysterious doll, the two girls, and their entire doll families get into lots of trouble as they venture out of their owner's home and find themselves in a large department store. Once in the store, the dolls meet other toys of all shapes and sizes-even other Tiffany Funcraft dolls! Can the girls make it home by the end of their owner's vacation? Will they put all of doll kind in danger?

Come into the library and check out this fabulous book and the other two in the terrific series!

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