Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Tuesday Review: "Punk Farm", a must-read picture book

What would happen if farm animals were actually rock stars in disguise? That's what happens in "Punk Farm"! When farmer Joe calls it a night and heads home for a good nights sleep, the animals set up for their big night of touring with their famous band: Punk Farm. With Cow on drums, Pig on guitar, Goat on bass, Chicken on keyboard, and Sheep as lead singer, this barnyard crew can really rock! And who might you ask is attending such a concert? All the animals in town of course! Horse takes the tickets as the band takes the stage. I won't give away their opening number, but, I will tell you that this classic farm song will never sound the same again! Be sure to check out "Punk Farm" at the Library for a great read! You can find this great picture along with all of the new picture books.

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