Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday Review: "Houndsley and Catina," a beginning chapter book

Houndsley and Catina, is a three-chapter, beginning reader book by James Howe with illustrations by Marie-Louise Gay. The main characters are best friends, Catina, the cat, and Houndsley, the dog. Catina thinks she'd like to be a famous writer, so she writes a book about her life and has Houndsley read it over. Houndsley doesn't know how to tell her that she isn't a very good writer. Then Houndsley, who likes to cook for his friends, enters a cooking contest, but during the contest, everything goes wrong. In the final chapter, the two friends learn lessons about their talents and their friendship.

This is a fun book with great illustrations--perfect for beginning readers ages 5 to 8. Come in to the library and take a look!

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