Friday, December 12, 2008

Especially special

Hey, this must be an especially special and lucky moment! It's 12:00 on the 12th day of the 12th month!

So here are some especially special things to know about:

Especially special at the library:
-The Giving Tree is in its last week. We have a whole bunch of new tags to pick off the tree; gifts should be purchased and returned unwrapped by next Friday, December 19.
-Our Holiday Story time for ages 3-6 is this coming Wednesday, December 17 at 11 am. There are just a few spaces left, so hurry and sign up if you are interested. (email or call 525-5400, ext. 156)
-The library will be closed Christmas Day, the day after Christmas, New Year's Day, and January 2. So be sure to plan your library visits accordingly!

Especially special on this blog:
-Check out the new links on Leroy's List of Cool Stuff (over on the right panel). The Guys Read website is by John Scieszka, the wild and wacky author of the Time Warp Trio series, plus many more books. And the Kids Read website has lots of suggestions for kids who need an idea for a good book to read!

Have an especially special day!

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